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bestplayever was started by two extremely white brothers, Will & James in 2013.

The idea was to create items that didn’t already exist, but wished that they did. We began in earnest recreating the fictitious books seen in Wes Anderson films as useful notebooks. These took off and got featured in NYLON and Urban Outfitter online as well as in print in the Guardian. The relative success of this gave us too much confidence and somehow, 7 years and many missteps later, we are still doing similar things.

We work from an office-come-studio-come-storage space in the centre of Bradford, England. From here all items are created, all emails responded to and all orders sent out. We do not sell our items through any other shops so our website is the only place they are available!

Heres a picture of the two of us moonlighting as models.

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Will is in the top 1% players globally of an online fps game and can be found arguing on twitter here.

James runs his own graphic design company Everyday Something that can be found here


bestplayever office in bradford



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139 Little Horton Lane
West Yorkshire