'truly madly deeply do' - 10 Things #19

Ten Things

#19  'truly madly deeply do'

Hello! This is our 19th 'Ten Things', our apparently 'generally monthly but sometimes every 100 days newsletter!'

If you see anything interesting, fun, 'good', stupid or just generally worthy of more attention please email us at hello@bestplayever.com and we may include it next time.


So in no order of significance, heres this months Ten Things:



1. Living with kids during lockdown and teaching kids during lockdown.

2. I've seen many strange things in this world, but this maybe the strangest.

3.  If you're having difficulty working/relaxing at home, these videos are very nice 

4.  Barry Lyndon is a work of art and people who say otherwise are wrong. 

5. Hope in these trying times

6. Not sorry If I shared this before 

7. Youtube reviews.

8. A story so good that it only needs a beggining and an end

9. New Dylan is good.. .but so is 'rare footage' Dylan

10. Namaste - get your remote hider here

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