The Haters Code - 10 Things #31

Here is 10 Things number 31! The usual collection of (hopefully) funny, (hopefully) interesting and (hopefully) enjoyable bits, found (mostly) #online over the last week or so. So in order of no significance...

1. Are dogs human beings?

2. The Haters Code - thank you Orson Welles

3. This song is a very very nice vibe, as too is the album.

Berlusconi, as usual, offering an interesting perspective..

5. Forgot about this song, finding it again... thats livin' alright!

6. This is nice account to follow if you like Ireland and Typography

7. Facebook is peaking

8. Twitter is not peaking, but animals... still good.

9. Really enjoying Daniel Sturridge post playing career. Keep it funky for ya boy.

10. Cher (maybe not her specifically) has been uploading old performances to her youtube channel. Enjoy Cher explaining reggae music for all those not familiar.