The Beautiful Game - 10 Things #29

Here is 10 Things number 29! The usual collection of (hopefully) funny, (hopefully) interesting and (hopefully) enjoyable bits I found (mostly) #online over the last week or so. Apologies this is delayed, finally got covid, can't recommend it.

So in order of no significance, heres...

 The Greatest Show On Earth

2. An enjoyable podcast discussing bad airport books

3. They call it empathy, kid, look it up

4. thats why your a Suckah

5. Always thought 80s TV was more political than it's remebered

6. Incredible performance here

7. The 1980s Christmas aesthetic was definitely something

8. A site where you can search for phrases in films.. and then see them

9. Not enough people breaking into an original song in the middle of an interview. Thanks Daniel

10. Never doubt the beauty in the beautiful game