I Drove Over My Own Phone - 10 Things #33

Here is 10 Things number 33! Apologies for the delay on this. Had issues with email & then I drove over my own phone, so life has been difficult. The usual collection of silly, (maybe) interesting bits found #online over the last week or so.

1. Liam Neeson getting the most QT responses to "what is the most insane thing someone has said during a interview" Not once, but twice.

2. Recently watched Come and See. If you want to watch an absolutely terrifying film about World War 2, its free to watch via Mosfilm on youtube. Recommended!

3. Someone did a thread of bad songs that you see as paid adverts on instagram..But they included this which is actually good haha.

4. With complete ignorance, I found myself really getting into DJ Khaled Culture recently. From meeting Tony. To him really enjoying the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. To weird Roblox edits. #DJKhaledCulture

5. How to With John Wilson series 3 is now available on Iplayer in the UK. I streamed it illegally because I couldn't wait. 🥴

6. He hit him with The Marge Simpsons

7. Nature is healing.

8. Monthly reminder that cars are nearly always bad. Except when used by children

9. Enjoying the new Waxahatchee album Tiger Blood

10. Recently updated the stickers section to the site, with some silly ones.