Huge Energy TEN THINGS #16

Ten Things

#16 'Huge Energy'

Hello! This is our 16th 'Ten Things', our apparently 'generally monthly but mainly whenever I get around to it' newsletter!

If you see anything interesting, fun, 'good', stupid or just generally worthy of more attention please email us at and we may include it next time.


So in no order of significance, heres this months Ten Things:


1. Have you ever had the desire to write your initials in wet cement ?

2. Walking accross Wales in a straight line, is actually good content.

3. Was it Oscar Wilde who said that 'Computer games immitate Life, far more than Life immitates Computer Games' ?

4. John Cassavetes huge energy (full version)

5. RIP The Simpsons

6. Live forever Woody.

7. Theres conspircy theories and then theres THE TRUTH

8. What Milk?

9. Tongiht we're gonna parrty like its Tiger Woods PGA tour 2003

10. 'unskilled labour'


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