Born Slippy - 10 Things #32

Here is 10 Things number 32! The usual collection of (hopefully) funny, (hopefully) interesting and (hopefully) enjoyable bits, found (mostly) #online over the last week or so. So in order of no significance...

1. Q. you heard any good new music? A. No not really, though I am enjoying the A.I. Homer covers. Homer, low key got some voice.

2. Life in Death and Death in Life. Or maybe its the other way around? Haha.

3. Confess to what sir?

4. This was one of the one of the best non-fiction books ive read in a long time… a strange, thought provoking book!

5. Very niche cross over. Nice.

6. Look at us! We're the cherry tomato boys! New Nathan Fielder show is 2 episodes in so far and consists mostly of looming dread.

7. Interesting long interview with 81 year old.

8. Have podcasts reached peak podcast?

9. New silver Noam Chomsky Pin on the site!

10. What is art? This combination of setting, music, back story and performance.