Diehard - Ten Things #6

Ten Things
#6 'Diehard'

Hello! This is our sixth 'Ten Things', our bi-weekly newsletter! Every other Friday, we will post 10 things that we think are worthy of your attention.

If you see anything interesting, fun, 'good', stupid or just generally worthy of more attention please email us at hello@bestplayever.com and we may include it next time!

So in no order of significance, heres this weeks Ten Things:

1.The half dead don’t box.
2. Hugh Jackman Fever.

4. On the “to watch list"
5. Glad someone is doing this
6. Signal boosting this song as 1.6million is no where near enough views
7. Wes Anderson inspired Restaurant in India
8. New Simpsons book from Mike Reiss 

9. So glad to have seen the entire film in this trailer
10. The science behind holding your breath and how to do it for longer


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