Close Enough - TEN THINGS #15

Ten Things

#15 'Close Enough'

Hello! This is our 15th 'Ten Things', our apparently 'generally monthly but mainly whenever I get around to it' newsletter!

If you see anything interesting, fun, 'good', stupid or just generally worthy of more attention please email us at and we may include it next time.

So in no order of significance, heres this months Ten Things:


1. How close is close enough?

2. The person who invented hashtags + Twitter profile honesty  = THIS

3. First draft is usually the best draft. evidence part 1 &  evidence part 2

4. No idea where this is from, not sure if I'm ever going to be strong enough to find out.

5. Bet Tom Jones could take a punch.

6. Can't wait till global warming kills us and ants take over

7. Some angel put all of  'Gates of Heaven' on youtube.

8.  Well whatcha know, immigration is good afterall! And again!

9. This book argues for experimenting with everything and therefore is great. 

10. Boxing should be streamed with the baby face filter



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