Welcome to the new site!


sideways glance female


As you may or may not be aware I had to close bestplayever.com in May of this year due to not having licensing for certain items. There were many potential ways to work around the issue but felt that it was maybe a sign that its time to do something else. 

Thank you to everyone who supported the site over the last 7 years! It was mostly good fun, though I am somewhat glad the threat of being sued by Fox no longer looms.

Anyways, enough, about, the, past. YOU CAN'T GO BACK!

Fundamentally this site will function as a place where I can show work and sell items that I’ve made... In some ways it will continue in a similar vein to bestplayever, though less of an all accommodating gift shop, more a doomed, self indulgent vanity art project. 

The site is very bare bones at the moment, so please just imagine good stuff. 

Thanks for visiting!