This Machine Kills Fascists Beanie

Finally a new item on the site! An item that will keep your head warm and fascists cold (ho ho). Inspired by one of the stickers seen on Woody Guthrie's guitar. The message appeared on his guitar from 1943 onwards, according to biographer Anne E. Neimark, soon after he wrote the song 'Talking Hitlers Head Off'. I can't find his version of the song online, however this is the song covered by Pat Foster and Dick Weissman

Guthrie described fascism "as a form of economic exploitation similar to slavery", denouncing the fascists – particularly their leaders – as a group of gangsters who set out to "rob the world". Guthrie wrote two anti-fascist anthems  in 'Tear The Fascists Down' and 'All You Fascists Bound to Lose'. The latter  featuring these evocative lines celebrating fascist deaths:

People of every colorMarching side to sideMarching 'cross these fieldsWhere a million fascists dies

Billy Bragg and Wilco's cover of 'All You Fascists'  sounds a bit like The Clash so I enjoyed it. There's quite a lot of covers of this song and I got lost in that for a while without really finding a really worthwhile one. I did find this though, one of the few videos of Woody to exist.


Anyway, enough waffling here's the This Machine Kills Fascists Beanie!

This Machine Kills Fascists Beanie

And heres the sticker than inspired the hat. 

Woody Guthrie playing guitar with sticker on it

Now created a copy of This Machine Kills Fascists Sticker here.