The Cherry Tomato Boys Cap Inspired by Nathan Fielder's "The Curse"

Cherry Tomato Boys the Curse


For those not familiar "The Curse" is a surreal comedy series that was made by Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie as well as staring Emma Stone. Was somewhere better Nathan for you and Twin peaks the Return, but with more sadness and feelings of doom. Worth watching! The Cherry Tomato Boys scene in the first episode really tickled me. So much so I decided to make a hat and become one!

The scene encapsulate so much of Fielder's work; Purposefully seeking out where discomfort and silliness can converge:  Ensconced in the confines of a cramped greenhouse, confronted with the insane scenario of a father-in-law confessing, in the most unconventional manner, his shared affliction of a small penis. 


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