Neil Young Trains Are a lot of Fun Shirt

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Recently I came across this heartwarming video of Neil Young playing with his son. Inspired by the loveliness of it I made some designs for a fictional train club using elements from the video. As lockdown has made me go from a healthy medium to an even healthier large,  I decided to make it into a t-shirt! Hopefully the trend of designing shirts to accomodate my increasing waste line stops with this one. So here we have a Neil Young T-Shirt printed on Fair Share unisex t-shirts (cost more to make and the extra money goes directly to the workers wages), on organic cotton, these shirts are genuinely really nice. 

Theres 40 of these and unlikely to be reprinted,  once they have sold out. Available here. Neil Young  recently released, in my overconfident opinion,  one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard (Looking For A Leader 2020 if interested) but I can forgive him because of everything else (though mainly The Shocking Pinks and Trans)



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